Green Energy Promotions to Focus on Energy Conservation Outreach for Corporate Energy Clients.

SAN DIEGO (February 1, 2011) – Green Energy Promotions, a San Diego California Environmental Promotional Marketing Firm, is helping Utility and Energy companies teach consumers how to conserve energy and save money.

“For utilities who are deploying advance and smart meter technology, there is a need to recruit consumers as active participants in energy conservation,” says owner, Leslie Bridges.  The new technology offers consumers a way to look at their daily energy use and make changes in their households.  Green Energy Promotions developed an eco-friendly home energy use tool to help utility consumers learn how to identify high energy use areas of their homes.  This is being used at community events to help customers better understand and manage their energy use.  Green Energy Promotions offers education and outreach promotional products that deliver clear, specific and useable energy conservation tips for all ages. Research indicates that if consumers would manage their home energy use, we could conserve 5-15% collectively.  This would make a significant impact given the growing demand globally, for energy.  “This is environmentally preferable when compared to building more power plants.  Enormous capital is required for power plants," says Ms. Bridges.  Energy companies can help their customers go green at home by promoting energy conservation in a tangible “off line” format, in addition to online content already available.

Green Energy Promotions is a woman-owned promotional marketing firm devoted to helping Corporations Communicate, Engage, Educate and Brand around Sustainability Initiatives.



Leslie Bridges, Director –


CPUC Certified, Woman-Owned Corporation